How To Make An Alpaca Costume

In the street stalls they sell Alpaca sweaters, which are always made of baby Alpaca. But in almost all cases they are not baby Alpaca, even not Alpaca. Mostly they are made of Polyesters or acrylic. Alpaca sweaters should cost you at least 40/50 $. If you bargain with the price and be able to bring the cost down to as low as 20/25 $, then it is not Alpaca. […]

How To Make Own Detergent

You probably use dishwasher detergent all the time, but did you know you can make your own homemade dishwasher detergent for a fraction of the cost? It’s actually fairly easy too and, as a bonus, homemade dishwasher detergents are more eco-friendly than most commercial brands. Womenio has … […]

How To Build Up To A 5k Run

The great depression was caused by excessive lending to people who could not pay the loans back. In those days it was called, "buying stocks on margin." […]

How To Put 4 Pages Into 1 Pdf File

27/06/2014 · How to Join Multiple PDF Files Into a Single PDF Document in Mac OS X and export to pdf saved just 1 page, not all. So I tried print and then saved as pdf, and it saved all the pages. Susan says: March 16, 2015 at 12:48 pm. PROBLEM SOLVED! I know this thread is old, but for others like me who stumble upon it, this might help. I had the same issue – followed the instructions and it didn […]

How To Make Vegetarian Weed Gummies

You may have 50 grams of weed in 50 gummies, in which case, each gummi is a bowl. Each bowl would have around 100 mg of thc, so to get about 10 mg of thc per gummi, you would want to spread that over as much as 500 gummies. So, however many bowls you are accustomed to smoking, thats also how many gummies […]

How To Make Henna Paste Kiss

FURTHER EXPERIMENTATION. This is an explanation of how I make my henna paste. I love my recipe. It took me almost 10 years to finally decide I was done experimenting and would just … […]

How To Make Dhal Curry Sri Lankan

In Sri Lanka, they use curry leave and they are fabulous if you can find them. I made my dhal without them. I made my dhal without them. It is good to soak the dhal (lentils or beans) for at least 2 hours or overnight for easier digestion but you can make […]

How To Put Songs From Itunes To Iphone

Step 2. You firstly need to import or add the ringtones from computer to iTunes library if you have no ringtones on iTunes. Go to File menu > select Add File to library/Add Folder to Library, then you can choose the ringtones on your computer and transfer them to iTunes. […]

How To Read Blood Test Results For Allergies

Q: My daughter, who’s 4, was diagnosed with peanut allergy shortly before her third birthday after experiencing a rash around her mouth when she ate a peanut butter cup. Her blood test for peanut showed an antibody level of 4.85, and it was 3.82 a year later. Her allergist suggests a food challenge in a... Read … […]

How To Make Happy Birthday Song With Name

In This Video How to Make Happy Birthday Song with Name. Wish You Happy Birthday Song in Hindi How To Wish Happy Birthday With Their Name In Song For FREE ! Birthday Greetings Song APNE NAAM KA BIRTHDAY SONG KESE BANAYE Hello dosto make birthday song aaj ke iss video me aapko bataunga ki kese aap apne naam ka ya kisi ke bhi naam ka birthday […]

How To Read Date In C

Trying to figure out an efficient way to read in a very simple CSV file by using Data step (part of my practice for input, infile, informat etc.)... I know how to do this using the import wizard but I simply could not find the way to use a data step for the date field. Here is the code I tried first […]

Ark How To Make It Run Better

Get Connected To The Grid . Now that you have the materials needed to build a power grid, it's time to get powered up. First thing you'll need is the Electrical Generator. […]

How To Get Free Books From Google Play Store

Google Play Help forum Forum Get Help Buy & download books from Google Play Explore available e-books on Google Play Books and purchase e-books to read on your electronic device. […]

Minecraft Pixelmon How To Make Aluminum Plates

The recipe book, together with the advancements system, will help new players to learn the game and give advanced players a new challenge. Maria Lemon on advancements and recipe books [1] The recipe book is a mechanic in Minecraft that serves as a […]

How To Make A Website Shortcut On Desktop Internet Explorer

12/05/2011 Internet Shortcut Pins the site to Internet Explorer itself, not as a new entry in the Taskbar. Right-click on IEs Taskbar shortcut and the site is listed under Pinned: Right-click on IEs Taskbar shortcut and the site is listed under Pinned: […]

How To Make Movies For Free Online

It’s a home to free movies, free online courses, and free language lessons. Founded in 2006, it has 6 main sections: Movies, Online courses, Language lessons, e-Books, Textbooks, Audiobooks . […]

How To Make Placenta Jewelry

How to Make Pills Out of a Placenta. While consuming a placenta has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, the practice is still fairly new to the US and has stirred up some controversy. […]

How To Make A University Presentation More Interactive

You never want to make the PowerPoint seem like a stack of notes that you use a crutch. Use the Presenter View option to help create a more natural presentation. Pro Tip: At the start of the presentation, you should also hit CTRL + H to make the cursor disappear. Hitting the "A" key will bring it back if you need it! With style, design, and presentation processes under your belt, you can do a […]

How To Put Drops Pre Cataract Surgery Into The Eye

Some patients with pre-existing astigmatism (the eye is egg shaped rather than football shaped) will require glasses after surgery unless they have a special toric IOL inserted. About 15% of the cataract population may benefit from this type of lens. […]

How To Make Someone Admin In Skype Chat

People love long running chat rooms. In Skype we have a family chat room that has been running for 2 years.. It is a way for us to keep up on family events or plan things. We have had someone bring an unwanted person into the room by mistake and the person refused to move, since Skype is permissions based, the person who created the room had the permissions/rights and bring - right click […]

How To Run Multithread On Same Method Java

17/10/2016 · Java executor framework (java.util.concurrent.Executor), released with the JDK 5 is used to run the Runnable objects without creating new threads … […]

How To Make A Text Box

You can transform an editable Windows Forms text box into a read-only control. For example, the text box may display a value that is usually edited but may not be currently, due to the state of the application […]

How To Convert Office Open Xml Document To Word

In a last step, the Open XML element structures are assembled into an Open XML package file. This might also require, e.g. for macros, a structured storage container to be created in the Open XML document (cf. Structured Storage Writer in the diagram below). […]

How To Make Binary Eraser In Sai

17/10/2011 · The thing to remember is that, really, there are only 10 tools in SAI (not including the line-work layer tools)... the Pencil, Airbrush, Brush, Watercolour, Marker, Eraser, SelBrush, SelEraser, Bucker, and Binary Pen. All other tools are just customizations of this one. […]

How To Make Olives The Italian Way

The process of curing - or pickling - olives is needed to draw the bitterness away from the olive flesh and make it edible. The process is different for green and black olives as the black ones are on their way to becoming more mature than the green. […]

How To Make A Meeting Bowls

The Meeting Bowls gently rock as people step in and out. The artists created the gentle motion to be relaxing and fun much like a swing, but one for adults. The artists created the gentle motion to be relaxing and fun much like a swing, but one for adults. […]

How To Make Money In India

The Web has opened a world of opportunity and wealth creation. You can earn, sell, market, spend, leverage your skill and lure clients from the comfort of your home. […]

How To Make 5 With Exponents

Learn the quick and dirty way to raise an exponent to a power. Up first today: How to raise an exponent to a power. Review: How to Multiply Exponents. If you’ve been following the plot of this podcast for a while, you should be familiar with the general idea of how exponents work and how you can work with them. If you’re a newcomer or if you simply don’t remember all that stuff—and […]

How To Play Androd Solitaire

Solitaire is a free Card game with over 50,000,000 download from Play Store. Solitaire ( is the property and trademark from the developer IGC Mobile s.r.o. and its apk file is only for home or personal use. […]

How To Make Glass Optifine Compatible On A Resource Pack

7/09/2012 · Hey! I am also working on a resource pack, but I don't know how do you make it optifine compatible...Is it the right to create a new folder(r. pack->assets->minecraft) called mcpatcher amd inside it new folder called ctm and inside it the textures? thank you and keep up good work. […]

How To Put Multiple Pictures On Desktop Background Windows 10

Unfortunately, by default Windows 10 or Windows 8 does not support GIF images as Desktop background. But don’t loose hope, we have a workaround to set these cool Animated GIFs as your wallpapers. You need to use a 3rd Party Software to set Animated GIF as your wallpaper. […]

How To Open A Show File Grandma

The File Manager will show up. Click the Open XXX Folder button under the file sign that turns blue. Click the Open XXX Folder button under the file sign that turns blue. Then you will be able to install the apk you just download from your computer to Nox or move/copy the file to other locations in Nox. […]

How To Put Page Numbers In Indesign

Place a text box on the master page and then go to Type>Insert Special Character>Markers>Current Page Number. Make sure the text box is wide enough for 8 … […]

Nier Automata How To Open Locked Boxes

So first up, open up VGM Toolbox and drag in the USM files from Nier: Automata‘s folder into the VGM dialogue box. Open up Notepad and follow the instructions in the video on how to set the […]

How To Make A Website Using Html And Publish It

More importantly, you will know how to use KompoZer to create, design and publish your site so that you can design new sites any time you want. Goal of this Chapter In this chapter, you will learn to create a rudimentary web page and publish it so that it can be accessed on the Internet. […]

How To Open Wine Without A Corkscrew Yahoo

6/01/2008 1. Find a screw with a low thread count. Wood screws work. 2. Use a fork and twist A LOT!!! 3. If you have a metal strainer, just get it open and filter out the cork that might fall in. […]

How To Repeat Conditional Formatting In Excel

Note: Make sure the cell on which you want to apply conditional formatting is selected Now select Use a formula to determine which cells to format , and in the box use the formula, D3>5, then select the formatting to fill the cell color to green. […]

How To Make Tm Sign

I would like to make the registered mark a lot smaller, and so that it affects all styles including the h styles. I've tried several things, but nothing worked. […]

How To Make A Scrapbook Using Microsoft Word

– scrapbook word templates design download now scrapbook microsoft word templates are ready to use and print download scrapbook word templates designs today template library poweredtemplate scrapbooking using microsoft word march 2009 but did you know that you can resize photos type on pictures organize elements on a page literally design your entire layout in word you don’t need any … […]

How To Ride Dargyn Warframe

10/02/2018 · Warframe Dargyn Review and Where to get it? 2018 Warframe Dargyn Review and Where to get it? 2018 Hey guys! Today we review the dargyn which is a fun vehicle that became available to pilot on feb […]

How To Read Real Time In Sas Log

7/01/2016 · Notepad++ Monitor Log or Text File Changes in Real Time In this video, I will show you how you can Monitor Log or Text File Changes in Real Time, as changes are written to … […]

Beaded Barrettes How To Make

Amazon's Choice for "make barrettes" JGFinds 90 Pc Silver Tone Barrette Blank Hair Clips 47x7mm (1 3/4) - DIY Crafts, Add Bows & Beads, Jewelry Making by JGFinds […]

How To Make Catwoman Utility Belt

Selina Kyle, aka the Catwoman, is a morally ambiguous master thief whose goals range from pure self-interest to large-scale charity depending on her mood. Never shying from a challenge, her stealth and agility as a world-class criminal, and her mastery of the martial arts, make her a formidable... […]

How To Hack On Animal Jam Play Wild

The animal jam hacks play wild game is going to bow your knees. The awesome game can let you spend hours of entertainment without getting bore for a single minute. The most usual negative thing in this game like other games, is to earn the premium game resources by lot of efforts and step by step level completion. We are here to knock down this hierarchy by our latest […]

How To Make Fluffy Pancakes From Scratch

Making pancakes from scratch is simple. But there is HOW TO MAKE FLUFFY PANCAKES. DO NOT over-mix the batter. The key is mixing the batter until combined but lumpy. This allows the gluten proteins in the batter to link together in a relaxed and weblike way. When cooked, large air bubbles are formed between the loosely combined gluten proteins resulting in a light and fluffy pancake. Over […]

How To Lose Weight In Your Ankles

If you eat the same amount of calories your body burns, then your weight will not change. To lose weight, it is necessary to take in fewer calories than you use, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since 1 lb. is equal to 3,500 calories, to lose 1 lb. per week you must exercise enough to burn 500 extra calories per day through exercise. To lose 2 lbs., you must burn 1,00 […]

How To Read Atcoenergy Bill

How To Pay My Bill How To Read My Bill Faults & Power Outages How To Register & Use 'My Account' How To Reduce My Energy Usage FAQs and Useful Links Safe Senders List Bill explainer Click the above button to access the Blue NRG Bill Explainer. […]

How To Make A Homemade Welder Diagram

DIY Microwave SpotWelder With Control Circuit This is a quick write up on the spot welder that I built. Like most DIY spot welders this uses 4AWG wire wrapped around a microwave transformer. […]

How To Make A Bunny With Symbols

The 3 bunny logos you can trust are the following: the Leaping Bunny logo, PETA’s cruelty-free logo, and the Choose Cruelty-Free logo (independent Australian organization; especially look for this symbol if you live in Australia!). Any other symbol or logo of a bunny is unofficial and has not been accredited by a reputable cruelty-free organization. […]

How To Read An Abnormal Ekg

Different heart conditions and problems can cause abnormal EKG readings, including congenital heart defects, an enlarged heart, poor blood supply flowing to the […]

How To Make Money Fast In Jailbreak

This jailbreak roblox hack money is free and online, and it works on pc and android or ios devices. As I said in the video tutorial the trick for the verification step is inputting valid information in the offer and you don't need to worry because all of them are free, if an offer doesn't unlock, make you sure you try another. It happened once to my friend, and he was able to verify by […]

How To Make Sugar Pills At Home

For instance, placebo pills are commonly called sugar pills. But is sugar inert? Far from it, of course. If you take a sugar pill, your body will have a reaction, especially if you happen to have an insulin disorder. But if youre given that same pill as part of a drug research trial, […]

How To Make Friends In Grade 11

For many children, making friends is a difficult endeavor. Fortunately, there are things that a parent can do to help out when a child has difficulties in this area. […]

How To Read Guitar Notes On Sheet Music For Beginners

Once you can read guitar music with competence, but so far such notes are not standardized. To read TAB, keep in mind that string-1, the high-E, is shown at the TOP. Numbers shown on each line indicate the fret position of the note on that string. So, a 3 on the top line means to play the 3rd fret of high-E string (which happens to be a 'G' note). Vertical bars mark the end of a […]

How To Make A Paper Fireworks That Pop

Fireworks pop up card has a mistique blue cover with fireworks patterns. The image reveals just enough of the surprise inside. Open the card and you will find a stunning three-dimensional sculpture of a glorious firework and the modern city far behind. […]

How To Pass Nys Inspection With Check Engine Light On

the vehicle fails only the OBD II emissions test portion of the NYS inspection (i.e., the vehicle must pass the safety, gas cap check, and emission control device (ECD) visual checks); the vehicle receives repairs related to the reason(s) for the OBD II emissions failure; […]

How To Make A Trojan Horse Out Of Paper Mache

Make a papier-mache mixture. You can do this with a fifty-fifty mix of white glue and a mixture that is one part water, one part flour. You can do this with a fifty-fifty mix of white glue and a mixture that is one part water, one part flour. […]

How To Make A Smokeless Campfire

If youre like me you love to sit around a campfire, but cant stand it when the smoke follows you around no matter where you sit. In this easy to follow video, Intense Angler shows you a few techniques to make a virtually smokeless campfire. […]

How To Teach Someone To Ride A Bike

Christopher Kleiber and other elementary school children with disabilities learned to ride two-wheel bikes thanks to the help of middle school student volunteers and a national program called Lose the Training Wheels, which was hosted by Glasgow Middle School in Fairfax County, Virginia. […]

How To Run Android Os On Chromebook

3/04/2015 Google's ARC Welder is a developer app for porting Android apps to Chrome and Chrome OS. But there's nothing stopping you from using it to run your favorite Android apps on your Chromebook. […]

How To Make 150000 A Year

“John from Growing Your interviews Curtis Stone, an Urban Farmer who makes $100,000 a year. Curtis farms in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada on a … […]

How To Make A Wheel And Axle For Kids

Upper graders are shown an example of a wheel and axle through which they will each make a pinwheel. They are given instructions on how to complete … […]

How To Use Remote Play Without Ps4 Controller

ScpToolkit helps us to use the PS3 and PS4 controller on PC, making them act like an Xbox controller. For the wired connection, we use the USB to mini-USB cable to connect the DS3 gamepad on Windows, and the USB to micro-USB cable for the DS4 joypad. […]

How To Play Early Game As Xayah

I usually plan out my team in advance but catch all Pokemon on the way through the game as I can. Right at the beginning I usually grind to about level 10 before leaving the first area and just play through kinda normally till the end. […]

How To Make A Sound Repeat Fl Studio

11/05/2018 · Note repeat and Arp not Triggering Instantly in Fl Studio Edit Subject . I am having extreme difficulties getting my pro advance 49 to sync properly with fl studio. I have followed every tutorial exactly and read all related posts on the forum to no avail. The second I start playing the keys there is a major delay from the time i press them to when the sound starts. The tempo light is flashing […]

How To Play Command And Conquer Generals Online Origin

Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour : Comes bundled with the The First Decade and Ultimate Collection compilations. Essential improvements Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection Fixed Launchers (Origin) An unofficial patch that provides a slight enhancement to the default launchers provided with the Origin release (fixes registry entries and allows command line arguments to […]

How To Make A Simple Popsicle Catapult

See more What others are saying "Make popsicle stick catapults for kids STEM activities. Explore physics and Newtons Laws of Motion with a simple machine. […]

How To Look Hot On A Date With Your Boyfriend

It's not easy to think of ways to make your boyfriend feel special (flowers just aren't going to cut it). But a recent study from Florida State University found it's crucial to let him know you […]

How To Make A Beanie Boo Bunk Bed

Beanie Boo bunk bed craft. Beanie Boo Party Ty Beanie Boos Bunk Beds Beanie Boo Birthdays Shopkins Birthday Parties Birthday Ideas Dolls Adoption Party. IMG_8860. Carla Smith . Cool kids stuff to make. Tutu Tulle Crib Bedding. Tulle Crib Skirts Tulle Bedskirt My Baby Girl Our Baby Baby Love Baby Bassinet Baby Decor Crib Bedding Girl Nursery. Tutu Tulle Crib skirt. I bet I could make this twin […]

How To Make Star Wars Carssian Lego

16/11/2016 · LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ immerses fans in the new Star Wars™ adventure like never before, retold through the clever and witty LEGO lens. Additionally, players will experience previously untold story levels that explore the time leading up to Star Wars… […]

How To Make Lance Peanut Bar

Omit peanut butter in glaze.Prepare bars using 1 cup sliced almonds and 1 cup milk chocolate chips. Prepare glaze using 2 tablespoons softened butter and 1/2 teaspoon almond extract. Prepare glaze using 2 tablespoons softened butter and 1/2 teaspoon … […]

How To Pay Off Debt In A Year

I was able to pay down $15,000 of my debt over the past year! If I can do this so can you. Click to ready how and learn my secrets! […]

How To Make A Paper Table Out Of Newspaper

Make a newspaper easily with our wide suite of cloud tools. Create and print a newspaper or publish an online newspaper for personal or business use. We make it easy! Create and print a newspaper or publish an online newspaper for personal or business use. […]

How To Say Spend Time In French

→ Adam spent a lot of time in his grandfather's office. to spend one's time doing sth passer son temps à faire qch → She spends most of her time sunbathing. […]

How To Download Music From Google Play On Mobile

Step 2 : When installing the Google Play Music app with a Google Account, if you already have a google account and signed in, it will sync music between your Google account and the app. Find the Accounts and select Google Select the account you want to use on Google Play Music […]

How To Make A Roku Theme

10/12/2016 · I always thought of a custom Roku theme idea that I'd love to see, here's the details: Price: $1.99 Description: Transform your Roku background by shouting, "Moon, Prism, Power, Make up"! […]

How To Make A Different Hairstyle At Home

Easy To Make Hairstyle At Home is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at July 18, 2018 upload by Pevita in Wallpaper. Find the right hairstyle from the largest gallery of Easy To Make Hairstyle At Home. […]

How To Make Weed Cookies With Kief

4/01/2016 Kiefs a product collected from cannabis flowers and leaves so if youve got weed, youve got kief. Instead of smoking the whole flower, the tiny trichomes covering the plants surface […]

How To Make Gitignore File

31/08/2018 · If you create a file in your repository named .gitignore, Git uses it to determine which files and directories to ignore, before you make a commit. […]

How To Make A Simple Game In Blender

Would you like to create a game in Blender, using a bit of artificial intelligence? Now you can! Two users from the Blenderartists forums, called p00f and Mmph!, published a series of eight tutorials on how to create a simple AI, using only logic bricks. […]

How To Put Together An Outfit For Plus Size

Luckily, it's surprisingly easy to put together a Halloween costumes with only three items or less. This is a great way to not only use what you already have, but to limit what you buy, too. […]

How To Disable Google Play Games Or Games Assistant

24/07/2018 · Eventually I deleted as many Google products as I could find: Google, Google Now, Google Assistant, Google +, Google Play, Chrome. I'm very sorry to lose my old Google Search but I will not tolerate that kind of uncontrollable excrement appearing on my phone every few hours. Yeah, and what about battery life? […]

How To Make A Teaching Video Interactive With Camtasia

An earlier video on factorising quadratics created just using Camtasia and OneNote. This was before I realised that better quality videos are created by recording the audio separately from the video. (The physical constraints of handwriting means that such videos feel a lot slower, whereas in other videos I generally speed up my writing to about double speed.) […]

How To Make Live Garland

The Bridger family made this garland to pay tribute to the adjacent orchard. To re-create it, use a skewer to puncture a hole through an apple, close to the center, then string wire through the fruit and secure wire to the garland. The Bridgers used Fraser fir for their creation. […]

How To Put Youtube Mp3 On Iphone

Finally, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac with its included USB-to-Lightning cablethats the same cable you use to charge your iPhone. Unlock your iPhone and tap the Trust option on its screen to confirm you want to trust your computer if you havent previously connected your phone to […]

How To Make An Effective Powerpoint Slide

2/06/2011 Thank you Ethan for these tips. Thought I could add a few more tips to help design the slides better with PowerPoint 2010. 1. Stick to one bullet style throughout the presentation. […]

How To Make Steam Games Say A Different Name

In game Steam uses my first name as the player name. Nowhere save my email used for steam, does my real name appear, yet for some reason when I am playing Arma III it has my first name as my username, and will not let me change it. […]

How To Run Lda In R Multiple Processors

accuracy.plot 3 Arguments dir A character string to specify the folder that has your Monte-Carlo cross-validation results. A slash should be included at the end (e.g., dir="YourFolderName/"). […]

How To Plan A Grocery List

6/10/2018 To make a shopping list, keep a notepad in your kitchen where you can keep an ongoing list of items you'll need to buy. Then, before you go shopping, look in your pantry and refrigerator to see what staples are gone or are running low. After you've added those, plan your meals for the week and decide what ingredients you'll need. Add these to your list, separating items by aisle or category […]

How To Put Youtube Videos On Youtube

7/08/2016 · How to upload videos on youtube using your smartphone? Project - Make Knowledge Free The way you would be uploading videos on youtube is by first downloading the youtube app […]

How To Make Dry Food

Homemade mixes can be made for many different food categories, but in this article I focus mainly on flour-based foods like quick breads, pancakes and muffins. When choosing your mixes, start with recipes that your family already enjoys. Most recipes for pancakes, calzone or pizza dough and muffins can be easily multiplied. […]

How To Save Live Image As Video

A .gifv file is a video file, not a .gif image. – slhck May 14 '15 at 18:19 7 @slhck Actually, if he meant changing .gifv to .gif in the URL pointing to the GIF, Imgur would deliver the uncompressed GIF instead of the video file. […]

How To Make Frosting From Scratch

From scratch coconut cake recipe with homemade coconut cream frosting. Hints for making a fluffy white cake with an excellent vanilla coconut flavor. […]

How To Make A Grain Heat Bag

Long-grain rice – 3 pounds . Lavender – 1 cup (I used some like this) The Steps: 1. First things first, cut the fabric. In our house, I always have a bag of scrap fabric. It contains things like leftovers from projects, or pieces of clothing I don’t want to part with. For this project, I used some fabric from one of my favorite dresses that belonged to my daughter at the age of 3. 2 […]

How To Make A Willow Christmas Star

This starburst inspired wreath was basically free and super-duper fast and easy to make. Fortunately for me, where I live there’s no shortage of sticks just lying around… […]

How To Make Punjabi Lassi In Hindi

If you want slightly thin consistency then add some milk to the mango lassi while blending. You can add nuts as per your taste. You can add Ice cubes while blending the mixture. […]

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